O-Shot Services in Logan, Utah

The O-shot is also known as the Orgasm Shot®. These injections assist with sexual health and wellness. The O-Shot is for females. The O-shot utilizes Growth Factors to resolve issues pertaining to stamina, comfort, and successful intimacy.

The Orgasm Shot® is used to:

  • Increase clitoral sensation in order to experience more powerful climaxes
  • Smooth and lift vaginal skin
  • Decrease pain due to vaginitis
  • Less painful intercourse
  • Promote the production of natural lubrication
  • Improve incontinence symptoms

Is The O Shot Right For Me?

If you have been struggling with any aspect of your sexual function, in females, Ascent can provide a confidential, informative consult in order to assess that the O-shot is a good fit for your needs. Those who are looking for increased rejuvenation may also be a good fit for this service.