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Laser Hair Removal/Diolaze - Logan, Utah

This Inmode Technology provides the best-in-industry laser hair removal via maximum strength and super-fast speed. Safe and effective Diolzae laser hair removal is truly the most comfortable and quickest treatment that can even work on coarse and stubborn hair and skin types up to VI. Its larger-than-average size means it can cover more area in fewer treatments!

Diolzae Laser Hair Removal is used to remove unwanted hair on the:

  • Face (including sideburns and chin)
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Brazilian
  • Bikini Line
  • Arms
  • Neck

Laser Pre Treatment Instructions

For any treatment with our Optimas by INMODE Laser, it is imperative that all patients come well hydrated and with the treatment area cleaned and shaved. Avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen daily and regularly. Tanning of all kinds (including spray tans) must be stopped four to six weeks before and after treatments. If you have a history of fever blisters or cold sores, notify your clinic immediately so that a prescription can be called in for your use. 

For Photofacial Patients: 

  • Stop the use of any retinol products or exfoliants on the area to be treated. Accutane cannot be used within six months prior to the treatment. 
  • Anticipate a social “downtime” of two to five days before any redness, swelling, and sloughing of the treatment area has subsided. 

For Hair Reduction Patients: 

  • The treatment area must be shaved. If the hair was waxed or plucked, the treatment will not yield the best results and can cause damage to the treatment area. 

Post Treatment Instructions

Following your laser treatment, it is imperative that you follow these post-treatment instructions carefully. 

  • Sensitivity to the treatment area is common. Sunscreen should be applied daily and regularly.
  • Crusting and flaking is not uncommon when using intense pulsed light. You can use a cold compress for the first 24 hours to help soothe any discomfort.
  • Your treatment area will be fragile. Use gentle cleansers and do not use hot water or strong exfoliating products during this time.
  • If you are going to apply makeup, use clean brushes and materials to avoid bacteria from entering the treatment area.
  • Avoid excessive heat or friction to the treated area, this includes the sun, hot showers, exercise, and tanning. Remember to stay well hydrated after your treatment. 

Laser Consult Questionnaire

  1. Do you have a cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other implanted electrical, metal, or mechanical device? 
  2. Are you currently pregnant, expecting pregnancy, or in the process of IVF? 
  3. Do you have any hormonal disorders or endocrine disorders? This includes polycystic ovary syndrome and diabetes. 
  4. Do you have a history of cancer, active / recent malignant or premalignant moles (especially malignant melanoma or recurrent non-melanoma skin cancer, or precancerous lesions such as multiple dysplastic nevi), or any cancer drug therapy? 
  5. Do you tend to keloid scar or have impaired wound healing? 
  6. Any history of vitiligo or a tendency to hypopigmentation? 
  7. Have you had any use of oral isotretinoin (Accutne) within the last three to six months and fragile, sensitive and dry skin? 
  8. Have you had any use of photosensitive medications or herbs within two weeks prior to this treatment? 
  9. Have you received neurotoxin injections within the last five to seven days? 
  10. Have you received dermal filler injections in the last 14 days? 
  11. Have you taken any sulfa drugs or tetracyclines in the past three weeks? 
  12. Do you have an impaired immune system such as HIV or have any use of immunosuppressive medications? 
  13. Do you have any history of disease in the treatment area which may be stimulated by heat, such as Herpes? 
  14. Are there any tattoos or permanent makeup over the treatment area? 
  15. Have you used any blood thinning medications recently, whether prescribed or over-the-counter? 
  16. Do you have any prior aesthetic or medical surgery affecting the treatment area or before complete healing (either liposuction or subcision), about three months prior to the treatment?