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Botox - Logan, Utah

Botox is short for Botulinum toxin and is one of the most commonly-used injectables in the world. Botox brands include Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau. Botox is a neuromodulator, which works by relaxing the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. Botox injection is a quick non-surgical procedure with results that last for several months.

Botox may be used for:

  • Preventative treatment
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Horizontal lines around the nose (AKA bunny lines)
  • Prejowl lines or Marionette Lines
  • Sagging neck skin or neck rings
  • Crows feet
  • Upper and lower lip lines
  • Under-eye lines
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Reducing a “gummy” smile

Is Botox Right For Me?

Preventive Botox is perfect for those in their mid-to-late twenties and thirties with no visible signs of aging. Investing in Botox injections to “freeze” your facial muscles is a proven method of preventing noticeable creases from forming.

Botox is also very well suited to those in their forties, fifties, and sixties who want to smooth and improve the appearance of various lines throughout their face. If you’re looking for a more symmetrical facial structure, to shrink a gummy smile, or to ensure your go-to expressions don’t create deep tissue folds, Botox is a great option.

Pre & Post Botulinum Toxin Treatment Instructions

Pre-Treatment Recommendations: 

  • Avoid taking aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, St John’s Wort, Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil), Vitamin E, and supplements containing green tea for 3-5 days prior to treatment to reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site. 
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to treatment. This will also reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding. 

Post-Treatment Recommendations: 

  • To help the neurotoxin settle in specific muscles, continue to move the areas that have been treated to “work the toxin into the muscles.” Make facial expressions that move the treated muscles every ten minutes for two hours. This may help your procedure outcome, it will not impact your treatment negatively if you forget to do this. 
  • Keep upright for four hours after the injections, do not lay flat and use caution when bending over. This is very important to minimize any migration to neighboring muscles and causing an undesirable effect in those muscles. 
  • For 4-6 hours do not wear hats, do not touch or massage the area. 
  • Refrain from exercise, hot tubs, saunas, or anything else that would increase body temperature and cause an increased blood flow to the area for 24 hours. Feel free to shower and go about most other regular daily activities. 
  • It can take anywhere from three days up to two weeks for full results to be seen. Please wait the two weeks to evaluate the success of your treatment. The effect of neurotoxin is not permanent. It is recommended to wait at least three months before seeking additional treatments. 
  • Call the office or your provider immediately to report any pain, redness, blisters, itching, or skin blanching.

Injectables Questionnaire

  1. Have you had any previous injectables?
  2. If so, do you know the product that was injected?
  3. Have you had any facial surgery?
  4. Do you have any allergies to medication?
  5. Are you currently taking any medications?
  6. Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?
  7. Do you have any history of cold sores, canker sores, or shingles? If so, how frequently and where do they occur?
  8. Do you suffer from any neurological / neuromuscular disease?
  9. Do you suffer from an autoimmune disorder or one that affects your immune system?
  10. Have you had or do you plan on having any dental work in the past two or next two weeks?


The purpose of this informed consent form is to provide written information regarding the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the procedure named above. This material serves as a supplement to the discussion you have with your healthcare provider. It is important that you fully understand this information, so please read this document thoroughly. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, ask your healthcare professional prior to signing the consent form.


Botulinum toxin (Botox® and similar agents) is a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium A. Botulinum toxin can relax the muscles on areas of the face and neck which cause wrinkles associated with facial expressions or facial pain. Treatment with botulinum toxin can cause your facial expression lines or wrinkles to be less noticeable or essentially disappear. Areas most frequently treated are: a) glabellar area of frown lines, located between the eyes; b) crow’s feet (lateral areas of the eyes); c) forehead wrinkles; d) radial lip lines (smokers lines), e) head and neck muscles. Botox is diluted to a very controlled solution and when injected into the muscles with a very thin needle, it is almost painless. Patients may feel a slight burning sensation while the solution is being injected. The procedure takes about 15 – 20 minutes and the results can last up to 3 months. With repeated treatments, the results may tend to last longer. 


Before undergoing this procedure, understanding the risks is essential. No procedure is completely risk-free. The following risks may occur, but there may be unforeseen risks and risks that are not included on this list. Some of these risks, if they occur, may necessitate hospitalization, and / or extended outpatient therapy to permit adequate treatment. It has been explained to me that there are certain inherent and potential risks and side effects in any invasive procedure and in this specific instance such risks include but are not limited to: 1. Post treatment discomfort, swelling, redness, and bruising; 2. Double vision; 3. A weakened tear duct; 4. Post treatment bacterial, and / or fungal infection requiring further treatment; 5. Allergic reaction; 6. Minor temporary droop of eyelid(s) in approximately 2% of injections, this usually lasts 2-3 weeks; 7. Occasional numbness of the forehead lasting up to 2 – 3 weeks; 8. Transient headache and; 9. Flu-like symptoms may occur. 


I am not aware that I am pregnant and I am not trying to get pregnant, I am not lactating (nursing). I do not have any significant neurologic disease including but not limited to Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lambert-Eaton Syndrome, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson’s. I do not have any allergies to the toxin ingredients, or to human albumin. 


I am aware that when small amounts of purified botulinum toxin are injected into a muscle it causes weakness or paralysis of that muscle. This appears in 2 – 14 days and usually lasts up to 3 months but can be shorter or longer. In a very small number of individuals, the injection does not work as satisfactorily or for as long as usual and there are some individuals who do not respond at all. I understand that I will not be able to use the muscles injected as before while the injection is effective but that this will reverse after a period of months at which time re-treatment is appropriate. I understand that I must stay in the erect posture and that I must not manipulate the area(s) of the injections for the 4 hours post-injection period.