Hydrafacial Keravive Services in Logan,Utah

Looking to revitalize your hair and scalp’s feel and scalp? The scalp treatment is the idea of anyone and creates healthier hair and skin. When you use chemicals, oils, styling tools, and hair products, you need scalp revitalizing care. A Hydrafacial Keravive scalp treatment might be perfect for you. Recent studies have shown that poor scalp health is a major issue that causes thinner and less voluminous hair. Like the Hydrafacial for your skin, scalp treatment is the best way to have healthy hair follicles and scalp.

Use this treatment for Scalp if you have scalp dryness, flakiness, irritation, or itchiness. Suppose you have thinner or flatter hair due to environmental, hormonal, or personal stress.

Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment uses hydrafacial technology to exfoliate, clean, remove dirt and dead skin cells from hair follicles and the scalp. This scalp health solution is designed to revitalize unhealthy scalps and nourish hair follicles to encourage new hair growth and prevent hair thinning.  Growth factors that are in the Hydrafacial Keravive nourish the health of your scalp.

There are three steps to a Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment.

Step 1: Exfoliate and Clean the Scalp

Hydrafacial technology is used to extract dirt and other impurities to clean the scalp and hair follicles thoroughly. It also stimulates circulation in the scalp.

Step 2: Nourish and Stimulate

The solution contains a proprietary blend of growth factors and skin proteins. These solutions hydrate hair follicles and improve the appearance of a dry scalp.

Step 3: Enhance and Extend

You can extend your in-office treatments through continued and at-home care. You use the Peptide spray for daily stimulation. Use this spray for at least 3-4 weeks after treatment to enhance the Hydrafacial scalp treatment.

A Hydrafacial Keravive scalp treatment boosts hair health, and in some, cases can actually improve hair growth. When used with other treatments to target hair growth, the Hydrafacial Keravive is extremely efficient.